Through a distribution agreement with JSD S.A.

“We want to accompany and be part of the process for the award of online gaming licenses taking place in Argentina. The bingo segment, due to its multichannel nature (online, betting shops, mixed offering, among others), is a game that perfectly adapts to the cross-selling between the newly-emerged online market and the existent lottery market, which generates major jackpots and commission for players, betting shops and operators alike,” said Alejandro Revich, CEO, End2End. “Without a doubt, JSD’s experience in both markets fits the profile we were looking for, so we are completely satisfied with this agreement.”
Revich added that “JSD has been a major local asset for the definitive arrival of End2End in Argentina.” 
Jorge Diment, CEO, JSD e-Gaming Solutions S.A., said “traditional bingo is social and family game in nature, it serves as a link in the coexistence of online and land-based operations even as a promotional product. Players need no training to play bingo: it is a traditional game one learns when we are little.”
“The possibility to sell bingo cards at shop or online allows to boost a great business for operators, regulators and even local distributors such as lottery shops,” Diment explained. “It is a comprehensive product which allows lottery shops to be part of the business.”


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