VBET announced on Wednesday that two of their card games are equipped with GLI-certified card shuffler, War of Elements and JokerBet. As a result, TVBET now has a total of eight live games approved by the UK-based Gaming Laboratories International.
Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) is an internationally accredited association, in accordance with ISO/IEC standards, which confirms technical competence in the field of gaming and gambling. “Thanks to the referred equipment, it may be affirmed that chosen live card games are conducted with 100% transparency of outcomes. This is a huge step for TVBET, which is constantly developing and improving its products,” company officials said.
War of Elements and JokerBet joined the suite of other certified TVBET games, and now there are 8 out of 12 portfolio products with the GLI mark:

War of Elements: A live game in which a punter should predict which card would be highest, in a duel between the dealer and the player.
JokerBet: A unique game where players are offered the chance to predict the next card to be drawn from the deck. The game really catches the eye with its 1920’s gangster themed studio set.
1Bet: A very simple and fast live lottery, in which 1 of 37 balls is drawn.
5Bet: A popular and fast live game, where 5 of 36 numbered balls are selected randomly by the lottery machine.
7Bet: A fast game in which 7 of 42 numbered balls are selected randomly by the lottery machine.
FruitRace: The latest game from TVBET, which is completely unique in the industry. It combines elements of racing and lottery. A player has to make a bet and guess the most matches.
Lucky6: A dynamic game, in which 35 numbers are drawn at random from the 48 numbered balls in the machine. The punter has to predict 6 balls that will be drawn, as early as possible in the process.
WheelBet: This fast live game combines the principles of a simple wheel of fortune with American roulette features. A player has to make a bet and wait for the result.


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