ow would you assess the fourth quarter and year end for TVBET in terms of performance, and how would you describe the current iGaming landscape?
In general, we assess the year as very productive for our team, reflected in the performance. In those challenging times, many bettors were forced to switch to online, and this has had a trace on the number of bets on our live games. Starting in March 2020, the number of bets grew steadily until the end of the year. Also, we believe that we made a huge contribution to this because the number of our partners has grown in parallel to the player base, which also affected TVBET’s performance in general. So we can say that the end of 2020 pleasantly surprised us in terms of growth in business performance.
Back in August, you told us that the company was focused on developing new marketing tools that would maximize the involvement of players and consequently partners’ GGR. Could you share any update on that development, goals and expectations for that particular area?
We’ve been working on Jackpot performance. Thanks to the 3-level jackpot system in all our games, the player’s involvement has remained high. Thus, in addition to winning, every player takes part in random jackpots draws. 
Also, the TVBET team offers cashback promo campaigns for their partners. It’s also a crucial tool that attracts attention since bettors have access to the product with minimal or no losses.
Another important feature we introduced at the end of the year 2020 is in-frame Pop-up banners. Such a tool is used to notify the player about important events, tournaments, jackpots, and bonuses to be aware of additional perks from TVBET and their partners. All this, of course, has a positive effect on the growth of bets on our games.

You also said then that TVBET was approached by many new partners since March, who had realized the key value of live games and diversification of the game portfolio. Do you still see this trend among operators?
On average, people began to spend more time in online casinos or sportsbooks. It is important to present them new gaming products because many people want to see a variety and play new innovative games. Therefore, we strive to conclude agreements with more and more partners, who in turn will be able to make sure that our games are attractive to players.
TVBET has recently updated the performance of WheelBet to make it faster, and it has also introduced updates and enhancements to the design of JokerBet to improve navigation. Have you seen any results from these moves on existing games? Which factors and criteria are involved in these decisions?
Thanks to UX-analysis we constantly improve the performance of all our live-games. We aim to make a product as perfect as possible for the end-user. The previous year, our team have analyzed the TVBET iframe and updated it towards the player’s convenience, making the games more user-friendly and easy-to-understand.
The updates which have already been made have had a positive effect on engagement and bets growth. For example, after all the updates, WheelBet became one of the top three most played TVBET live games in Asia and Africa as of the end of 2020. So, there is always something to strive for and where to grow. Moreover, the improvement process have not been completed yet, and we will proceed with its renovation plan in 2021.

Over the past few months, TVBET has been certified by GLI to enter Italy, Malta and Czech iGaming markets. Which kind of progress have you seen since the certifications, and what are your outlooks for those markets?
Yes, we see progress in the number of partners from Europe. Several partnerships have already been concluded; some integrations are in the final stage. So, there is a steady growth in new collaborations, which we are happy about. GLI certification is a huge and important step for us since it guarantees the RNG mechanics in the games, and helps us to enter new markets. With this, the end-user may be sure of the transparency and honesty of the live-games outcomes.
Could you share your overall expectations, goals and plans for 2021, regarding both your company and the iGaming industry in general, in existing and potential markets? Where will be the focus, and which key topics should we follow closely? Where do you see growth potential this year?
We believe that gaming market players will produce truly quality products under these challenging conditions. As we see, all igaming suppliers and operators are aimed at providing top-notch and high-quality content. So, the graphics of games will be improved; the variety will increase every day; the new types of content will arise. Competitiveness is also growing, which makes providers jump over their heads. And it is good to notice, because this is development! So I believe the focus will be on improving the existing products and creating some completely new features.
As for TVBET, we’re not going to stay aside and already have huge goals for 2021. First of all, we’re going to launch 4 new live-games. Two of them are in test launch at one of our partners now. They have proven themselves well and shown stable growth in bets. So we hope to present them to the public soon. Moreover, we’re going to expand to more and more markets. In the meantime, keep your fists for us! 2021 promises to be productive.


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